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Senjata Serbu modern, murah, dan effektif, sekelas "kalashnikov" rancangan Anak SMA Negeri 1 Sidoarjo

Assault rifles are the standard infantry weapons in most modern armies. Examples of assault rifles include the M16 rifle, AK family, G36, FN FNC, and the Steyr AUG. An assault rifle is loosely defined as a selective fire rifle designed for combat that uses an intermediate cartridge and a detachable magazine. But now, they do not need any magazines anymore since there are a new weapon technology founded in indonesia, the standard military weapon without magazine but only bullets. The ammo have been changed by the electric thrower system with dynamic power shot speed. The weapon has been powered by 12 volt battery which will be converted into 300 volt by 6 capacitors.
An Electromagnetic Assault Rifle
Starting from the concern over the limitations of military weaponry, delivering Miftah YAMA Fauzan (16) students of SMAN 1 Sidoarjo steal the gold medal at the International Conference of Young Scientist (ICYS) 2010 in Bali some time ago. Project entitled Development of Smart Electric Gun Bullet With Adaptive Speed tries to create a weapon with a cheap but effective operation. By removing gunpowder (ammo) in the bullets hurling projectiles. Instead, Miftah using an electromagnetic systems. This system combined with the proximity sensor mechanism for determining the burst strength of the bullet.
The problems that often faced in the shooting is the bullet did not reach the target because the target is too far when using a small-caliber bullet otherwise when used a large-caliber bullet with a target that close it will shattered the target.
This requires a special mechanism to measure the distance of the target. Miftah using a sensors for electric gun. The sensor works by capturing the reflection of a laser beam fired from below the barrel of the rifle, the target distance information about the received sensor is then translated to the setting coil launchers. Here, the launcher will adjust the power sliding bullet with a gun to target distance.
“We can adjust the strength of the bullets burst, whether to paralyze the target or eliminate the target. It all depends on the power supply and capacitors. For this prototype I use 12 volt batteries which was converted into 300 volt with 6 capacitors. If you want raise the shoot power, you can raise the specification of batteries and capacitors, ” he said.
It’s called as a Low-cost Rifle, since it’s low in production cost and very cheap. To develop these weapons, Miftah issued only no more than Rp 1 million ($100 USD).
After his succeed to get an ICYS gold medal in 2010, Miftah precisely more eager to create new innovations in the weaponry products. His Obsession in the future is to create an elegtromagnetic gun jamming that could disrupt telecommunication systems and radar detection.
“If the United States military prefer to in the form of electromagnetic bomb, then I am interested to make a prototype of weapon, because it’s easier to carry,” he explained.
The bullets made from a vero-magnetic materials, with a full power mode (6 capacitors), this electro-magnetic assault rifle can penetrate an object  30 meters of the distance.
I can say, this is the new ‘Kalasnikov’ from Indonesia.

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